To protect the unique Sungai Wain Forest and its rich lowland biodiversity from fires, encroachment, and poaching by enabling community forest ranger patrolling, East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo

  • Focal species: Bornean Bay Cat, Clouded Leopard, Orangutan, Proboscis monkey, Sun bear
  • Secondary species: Flat headed cat; Marbled cat; Mueller\'s gibbon, White-fronted leaf monkey; Maroon leaf monkey; Bornean Tarsius; Yellow Muntjac; Thick-spined porcupine.Bornean Peacock pheasant; Bornean Ground Cuckoo; Crested Fireback; Helmeted Hornbill
  • Countries: Indonesia
  • Name of organisation: Pro Natura Foundation
  • Support requested:
    contributions for specific items >1000 euro,
    contributions to running of project <1000 euro,
  • Does this project benefit local people through employment and/or capacity building: yes
  • Does this project benefit local people in other ways: Pro Natura Foundation also manages the KWPLH sun bear education centre, which is the only environmental education centre in Indonesian Borneo. Currently more than 70.000 people visit the centre annually. Here local visitors receive free education on a variety of key topics [i.e. sun bear conservation, local conservation and environmental issues, illegal wildlife trade, endemic flora and fauna of Borneo, garbage management]. Alternative income initiatives are provided to local community members in environmentally friendly arts and crafts, which are sold at the center.
  • This project concept is endorsed by:
    • the EAZA TAG relevant to the primary taxon

Project Description

This project is focused on management and protection of the Sungai Wain Protection Forest (SWPF) in East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. This is a relatively small (ca 10,000 ha) but vitally important forest area as it supplies about 25% of the freshwater needs of Balikpapan [ca 700.000 inhabitants, the 4th largest city on Borneo), including all fresh water for the Pertamina oil refinery. It is currently the last example of primary lowland rainforest in the wider area. Sungai Wain is home most Bornean lowland rainforest species, including many endemics (all 5 of Borneo\’s cat species, including the endemic Bay Cat; all 8 hornbill species, including the Critically Endangered Helmeted Hornbill; 9 primate species including a population of orangutans reintroduced in the 1990\’s and viable populations of 4 endemic primate species [Proboscis monkeys, Mueller\’s Gibbons, Red leaf monkeys, White-fronted leaf monkey; Sun bears [the first ever wild population that was studied]; rare endemic birds such as the Bornean ground cuckoo and Peacock pheasant). In addition, more than 30 tree species found in this lowland forest are listed as Critically Endangered. Recently 1,385 ha of forest in an adjacent watershed was added as an extension to the SWPF and one of our aims is to further expand the protected area network to reconnect SWPF to other forest patches through corridor development.
Threats to the SWPF primarily consist of forest fires during periods of drought, encroachment and deforestation by immigrants and increased poaching pressure of mammals and birds. Pro Natura focuses on strengthening management of this unique lowland forest through 3 key components: protecting the forest and its fauna from poaching, logging, encroachment and prevention of forest fires through active community patrols; monitoring health of key species populations and regeneration of burned over forest; raising conservation support through awareness and education.

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