Tackling power line threats faced by raptor populations.

  • Focal species: bearded vulture, Cinereous vulture, Egyptian vulture, griffon vulture
  • Secondary species: Bonelli's eagle, Golden eagle, short-toed eagle
  • Countries: France
  • Name of organisation: LPO France
  • Support requested:
    contributions for specific items >1000 euro,
    contributions to running of project <1000 euro,
  • Does this project benefit local people through employment and/or capacity building: yes

Project Description

Electric powerlines represent a major mortality threat for large raptors. The majority of cause involve collisions and electrocutions. Many cases are recoreded annually by LPO Grands Causses in Aveyron and Lozère. One of the objectives of this project is to reduce the threat that powerlines qnd their associated structures represent by regularly checking them in the area concerned. Each line which has caused a raptors death is the focus of a report compolied by LPO Grands Causses and submitted to Enedis. An agreement between these two bodies oblige Enedis to react accordingly in such a case and that the structure or line involved is fitted with protective equipment to reduce the risk of collisions and electrocution (firefly, spirals, insulating sleeves, vertical pegging). Maps highlighting mortality cases and operations to protect powerlines in the area are frequently updated and made avaliale to both organisations. Bearded vultures and cinereous vultures equipped with GPS tracking tags provide a precise insight into the vultures movements and their territories can be mapped. Such information is vital for LPO Grands Causses to provide the necessary information to state and territorial bodies to take informed decisions on the emplacement of powerlines.

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