Support of gorilla conservation

  • Focal species: Gorilla
  • Secondary species: Chimpanzee and any other species sharing the same forest
  • Countries: Congo (Democratic Republic of the)
  • Name of organisation: Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe
  • Support requested:
    contributions for specific items >1000 euro
  • Does this project benefit local people through employment and/or capacity building: yes
  • Does this project benefit local people in other ways: education and alternative ways of making a living

Project Description

We focus on the survival of gorilla populations that are particularly at risk. However, the gorillas’ survival can only be ensured in the long-term if we succeed in finding a balance between the needs of the human population and the required nature conservation measures. Key ways to achieve this are:
• To support the people who are employed by national authorities to protect the gorillas and their forests.
• To raise awareness and provide support to the people who live in gorilla areas – the gorillas would not survive without their cooperation and help.
• To give direct aid during sudden, unpredictable events such as wars, rebel attacks or volcanic eruptions, which often create emergencies.
Our work is financed by donations and members’ contributions. As the board works on a honorary basis, very little of our funds is spent for administration. We do not manage our own projects, but we support protected areas and other nature conservation organisations when something is urgently needed. We do not follow a rigid approach: we make decisions on an individual basis, in a fast and un-bureaucratic manner, appropriate to individual conditions and requirements. We collaborate with local contact persons in whom we trust, and our assistant in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is in constant contact with the local projects.

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