Helping Kalaweit to protect gibbons and their habitat in Indonesia.

  • Focal species: Hylobates agilis, Hylobates albibarbis, Hylobates klossii, Hylobates lar, Hylobates muelleri, Symphalangus syndactylus
  • Secondary species: Crocodilus porosus, Helarctos malayanus, Macaca fascicularis, Macaca nemestrina, Nasalis larvatus, Presbytis melalophos, Tomistoma schlegelii.
  • Countries: Indonesia
  • Name of organisation: Kalaweit
  • Support requested:
    contributions for specific items >1000 euro,
    contributions to running of project <1000 euro
  • Does this project benefit local people through employment and/or capacity building: yes
  • Does this project benefit local people in other ways: Yes. We have local staff (70 employees) and provide them with a job close to their home. We give free medical cares to our employees and their family. We supply us locally in fruits, vegetables to feed Gibbons and other species on cares at Kalaweit. Acres of forests are bought to villagers
  • This project concept is endorsed by:
    • the EAZA TAG relevant to the primary taxon

Project Description

Kalaweit is a long term and in situ program involved in Gibbons safeguarding on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra (Indonesia). Gibbons are listed under CITES Appendix I and belongs to Apes family (Lower Apes). They are highly endangered because of the destruction of their habitat. In Indonesia forests are destroyed to plant palm oil trees, making impossible for the wildlife to survive especially for tree species like Gibbons. It is an emergency situation as the deforestation is extremely fast. It has increased the illegal wildlife trade and many baby Gibbons are sold as pet on local markets. Kalaweit rescues Gibbons (and other species) from captivity where they are frequently neglected and provide the ones that cannot return to the wild a home, as close as possible to their natural environment, where they can stay. Most of them will never return to the wild for various reasons (disabled, sick, impregnated..). Over 340 Gibbons are sheltered in our 2 centers of Borneo and Sumatra, and to feed them we buy 5 tons of food every week from villagers. We also launched the radio Kalaweit FM, whose programs entertain and educate the population about the protection of nature. We also offer a secure habitat to wild Gibbons with the purchase of forests. We have created 3 reserves for a total of 600 acres (April 2018). We monitor them with equestrian and aerial patrols. Camera traps allows us to identify the species presents in our reserves. For the past years we have released several Siamang families in the wild with success. To ensure all these activities we hire 70 Indonesian employees that come from local communities. For 20 years Kalaweit has been working hard to help Gibbons, and has created close ties with the local people who support us.

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