Forest Guardian Program in Western Nepal

  • Focal species: Red panda (Ailurus fulgens)
  • Secondary species: barking deer, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan moral, musk deer, Satyr tragopan
  • Countries: Nepal
  • Name of organisation: Red Panda Network
  • Support requested:
  • Does this project benefit local people through employment and/or capacity building: yes
  • Does this project benefit local people in other ways: Yes, this project also helps in educating local forest users and school children towards red panda conservation benefits and issues. Besides, it also supports local people in learning sustainable livelihood practices and forest management techniques.

Project Description

The project targets the Jumla, Kalikot and Jajarkot districts with non-protected status in the western complex. This area is an important geographic region as it provides habitat connectivity for red pandas between Rara National park in the west, Shey Phoksundo National park in the north and Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve in the east. The proposed area is under tremendous threat because of habitat loss, degradation, and poaching. Red Panda Network with the goal of maintaining viable population will implement Forest Guardian Program since 2017, where 40 local forest users will be trained as citizen scientists acting as local forest guardians. They will regularly carry out monitoring and share the information with their respective Community Forest User Groups (CFUGs) on quarterly basis (every three months). This will help assess effectiveness of community’s intervention and adopt further measures/strategies to address the threats. Besides, these FGs will also help in awareness building of local people and anti-poaching operations as they are also trained on anti-poaching investigation techniques. This project based on the RPN’s Community Based Red Panda Conservation Project of Western Nepal, will comprise following activities:
 Training on monitoring techniques (3 events)
 Gears – Summer/winter outfits; field boot and back pack (n=40 sets)
 Equipments – GPS, binoculars (n=40 sets)

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