Requirements for membership

Members of LINCZ are expected to:

  • Be reliable, active, transparent, cooperative
  • Have projects that benefit the local communities living in the areas where their projects are based by providing employment, training, education etc
  • Communicate with their partner zoos, LINCZ and the wider community through the appropriate use of reports, ┬áthe internet and social media
  • Fulfil the requirement to be recognized as a Not for Profit organization in the country where they are vested or, where such recognition is not available, should fulfil the requirements to be recognized as a Dutch ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation). These requirements ensure that the organisation has a proper structure for management and decision making, has no links to criminal activity and that the majority of the funds raised by an organisation (90% for ANBI recognition) go to support the aims of that organisation.
  • Respect the work of the zoo community