What is LINCZ

LINCZ is a web-based platform that facilitates contact between zoos (or other businesses) and conservation organisations. It is directed particularly at zoos that want to become involved in conservation but are hesitant to do so because finding good projects run by reliable partners seems too daunting. LINCZ will help these zoos to find the right project.

LINCZ works in two ways: on the one hand it  is a member organisation, a network of reliable conservation organisations that work with/aspire to work with EAZA zoos and, on the other it is an interface that will link these organisations with EAZA members or other potential sponsors

LINCZ will help potential sponsors to find conservation projects that really make a difference:

  • For the species they want to support
  • For the contributions they can offer
  • Run by approved/trustworthy organisations
  • Which will provide guaranteed feedback
  • And, for EAZA members, will update the Conservation Database accordingly